Registration with FasiOpen is exclusively reserved, subject to authorisation by the Fasi Board of Directors, to employers and third-party funds (hereinafter referred to as “companies”) who decide to use the supplementary social-healthcare cover provided by FasiOpen.

A company can sign up only for the benefit of a community of employees identified as belonging to one or more homogeneous employee categories and, in all cases, without any selection of the risk.

Companies with a collective employment agreement stipulated under the Confindustria scheme that provides for category-based forms of health cover established before 2009 – i.e. referring to sectors related to the collective employment agreement itself – are not eligible for membership of FasiOpen.

Companies providing healthcare services are also not eligible for membership.


To proceed with registration, companies must first follow the Online Registration procedure.

Start registration procedure

Registration involves printing the Application Form which must be stamped, signed and sent by post to

Viale Europa, 125
00144 Roma

Once the information provided has been checked and approved, the FasiOpen Registration Office will send the company an email containing a code and an assigned password for access to the Private Area of the site, along with instructions on how to register its employees.

Companies must communicate to the Fund all the necessary personal data to register its employees for cover, including that of family members when extended eligibility will be required.

The company’s membership will begin on the first day of the month following the month in which the request was submitted.

Employees will be covered from the same date or, at the company’s request, from the first day of a following month.

For employees hired after the date of commencement of cover for the community of employees, the start date will be the first day of the month following the month in which they were hired.

Each client must promptly communicate, through the company and in the prescribed manner, any changes to the data held by the Fund.